Arabesque is a form of artistic decoration, originally found in ancient Islamic art. Key features of Arabesque include interlaced flowers, plenty of foliage, fruits and scrolls.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a decorative style developed in the late 19th Century. Originating in France, this signature style can be found on ornate items like Tiffany lamps.


A German design school from the 20th century, the Bauhaus movement continues to influence architecture and interior design.


Casing is an enclosing frame around an interior door or window. It’s also easy to install thanks to simple joinery and makes for a straightforward project.


The ‘Collected’ approach describes a room style that is made up of lots of unique pieces. For instance, this could be souvenirs and art from all around the globe to create the ultimate travellers hideaway.


A console table is a piece of furniture that is similar to a supported shelf. You can use them anywhere in the home, especially the hall and get creative with a stylish display.

Contrived Patina

Contrived patina means markings on surfaces which give a charming and ‘lived-in’ appeal. Originally an Italian design phrase, one could say, ‘’Contrived patina can be seen on the dining room table.’’


Rather than an interior that follows a specific style with everything perfectly matched, a curated look is a mix of it all and put together with a keen eye.


Edited rooms are well thought out and minimal without feeling cold. They’re also planned with meaning and every piece is selected with a distinct purpose in mind.


Faceted is a decorative surface which has been cut into sharp-edged planes. This creates an effective crisscross pattern which effortlessly reflects light.


Wood and many other materials require a finish for colouring or moisture protection. The surface is coated in either paint, stains, lacquer or fabric treatments.

Floor Plan

A floor plan is a diagram showing a birds-eye view of a new interior. It also demonstrates the relationship between each room with all details like fixtures and fittings noted.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a cohesive grouping of artwork, photographs and decor pieces. It’s also a simple way to create a unique look and add personality to any room.


The term ‘Honest’ is used to describe a space that has been allowed to breathe. Think a breezy beach style with plenty of fresh air and internal doors in Doorsan’s UV Oak.


A decorative pattern created with metal and set into the surface of a furniture piece, doors with brass-finished inlays are a contemporary twist and are very much in demand.


Getting the layered look is all about building interest through various levels. For example, to achieve a sumptuous bedroom, layer plenty of pillows, thick knitted throws and a sheepskin rug.

Pre-Hung Door Sets

Pre-hung door sets are defined as a system which is made up of a frame, door leaf, hinges and latch/lock. They’re also supplied by Doorsan in a fast installation kit form, ready-machined for easy onsite assembly.

Solid Wood Doors

Slightly different to pre-hung door sets, in terms of the fitting, solid wood doors truly make for a magnificent home. Becoming a part of the fixtures and fittings they will also add value and charm that will last a lifetime.

Tapered Leg

A practice of furniture makers since ancient times, tapering is a gradual thinning of a furniture leg. The result is a strong design that’s still elegant and iconic to the mid-century modern trend.


First used in the 16th century to keep heat in, Wainscoting is an application of wood panelling for walls. It also gives any modern room instant charm and protects surfaces with style.

Pre-Hung Door Sets in Luxury Finishing Options

Thank you for reading this week’s post, which explores terminology from the design industry. If you’re looking for internal doors in a luxury finish, please speak with our team about pre-hung door sets. Thanks again.

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