Why Brass is the Finish of the Moment…

Used in the industrial sector for many years, brass is an exciting way to create an authentic look. It’s also easily paired with colours and most textures which means an abundance of choice for interiors. In fact, brass continues to complement most of the trends that we’re seeing today. It also works for furniture, kitchens and because it’s so easy to style, it never seems to fall out favour. Brass accents in the home bring plenty of warmth and offer a touch of quality to surroundings. Which is why our inlay doors in a brass bronze finish will add a feel-good vibe to any space.

… and Timeless Enough to Admire Forever

The 1970s saw raw pure brass in restaurants, bars and homes. Paired with iconic bold patterns and statement lampshades it was, for certain, an unmistakable look. Fast forward to now, however, and we’re seeing warm metals being used in a more graceful fashion. The brass finish is back but less is more and it’s definitely here to stay.

How to Incorporate a Brass Finish in Interiors

Pair bold colours with brass like emerald and navy and you’re certain to stand out from the crowd. For instance, try a dark-coloured sofa that includes brass tones for a rich and ultra-lavish finish. If that’s too overboard, marble is splendid as white and grey will always go with anything. Then there’s brass bronze with wood which is totally ageless and can be as vintage or as modern as you’d like.

Add a Touch of Luxury with Doors with Brass-Finished Inlays

At Doorsan, we’re always thinking of ways to improve and enhance our range and so our inlay collection was officially born which includes doors with brass-finished inlays. An aesthetically pleasing style, this brass bronze finish can be included in any of our door designs. The section is also recessed into the door, sitting 3mm from the surface and can also be included in FD30 fire doors. Inlay doors can be made in either walnut or oak and finished in any one of Doorsan’s benchmark finishes. This is including stain and RAL colour finishes with the brass bronze complimenting most polished brass ironmongery. Some other popular products from the collection comprise of a silver steel finish. Then there is Doorsan’s exquisite faux leather finish that will allow you to use luxury accents within your decor. Please get in touch to find out more about this beautiful range.

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