Solid Wood Doors and Decorative Joinery

You won’t find a flat surface in sight this year with flush finishes taking a back seat. Decorative joinery, in particular, brings texture with grace - great if you’re a fan of traditional Wainscoting. In terms of solid wood doors, we have a few options to achieve the ideal tactile look. Choose Doorsan’s Grand Bolection with its rich, heavy moulding, Stepped beading or our Kensington range.

An Emphasis on Biophilic Design

In 2019, lush living walls continued to sprout up and grow more in interiors. A green-fingered statement usually seen in hospitality spaces, we’re now seeing them in modern domestic properties too. This is fabulous news for our overall health; Biophilic Design is said to reduce stress and enhance well-being. A big focus for the next year, natural sunlight and great views are additionally key.

Art Deco Arches

Look around and you’ll see exquisite arched detail in some of the most stylish hotels and restaurants. The ultimate in retro luxe, these elegant shapes are simply begging for the Accidentally Wes Anderson hashtag. If your home isn’t blessed with these iconic silhouettes, you can still get savvy with your interior decor. Utilise an arch design for a bedroom headboard or custom solid wood doors for a look that thrills.

Sustainable Interiors Products

According to Houzz, the word ‘Eco’ was one of the most searched terms in 2019. This is great news for the planet with sustainable products fast becoming the norm for green self-builds. Many designers have risen to the challenge, putting their main focus on the life cycle of a product. It’s also said that fast-growing bamboo is great for hard flooring thanks to its durable and renewable qualities.

Dark Kitchens

Thanks to Nordic noir, a genre of crime fiction, dark kitchens are turning more heads than ever. One strong colour, in particular, carrying on from last year is a raw and weathered navy blue. Whether you choose this shade for the kitchen cabinets or would prefer to use as a statement wall, blue is the new grey for 2020 - pair with solid wood doors in a complementary finish.

Mid-Century Modern

Many interior styles have a sell-by date yet Mid-Century Modern is still going strong. To work the look well choose low-slung lines and furniture in teak and oak. In fact, some iconic pieces are the classic Eames chair and of course, a throwback cocktail cabinet. Take your 1960’s inspired interior to the next level with solid wood doors in Oak.

Solid Wood Doors For a Retro Revival

Still focusing on the Retro Revival of last year, the look is now bolder yet still channels class. Think seventies sass with thirties elegance, metallic edges and scalloped shapes. Re-imagine this trend with solid wood doors that feature decorative brass-finished inlays. It’s modern, it’s vintage, it’s definitely grown-up and is sure to impress on and on.

Thank you for reading our post on solid wood doors and the trends to look out for this year. If you’re considering updating your doors, why not speak with our team on the latest from our Design Studio? Whether you’re looking for traditional joinery or a modern aesthetic, we have a door design just right for you. Download our brochure or please get in touch and receive a personal five-star service. Thanks again.

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