Characteristics of Art Deco Interior Design

Common themes of art deco interior design include lots of geometric and angular forms. Then there are also elements of nature like leaves and feathers with plenty of stylized animals. The look is exotic and bold, possibly a welcome escape from America’s Prohibition-era. Well if you can’t pour a gin there’s always home styling to distract and appease the mind.

Art Deco Colour Schemes

Art deco colours traditionally contrast like black, yellow, blue and gold. It’s loud and striking but if it’s not for you, try something softer like cream with black. You can still bring a touch of old-school glamour and flair to your space without having to go all-out art deco. How far you take the scheme is completely up to you depending on your lifestyle and taste.

Bold Furniture and Fabrics

In terms of art deco furniture, pieces tend to be large, strong and streamlined shapes. There’s no flowers or frills with this home trend, just fabrics and patterns with guts. Generously sized chairs and sideboards are also typical of this era. Additionally, mirrored pieces are key as are exotic materials like zebrawood furniture for instance.

Striking Flooring and Lighting

Geometric shapes on walls, symmetrically formed are a staple of art deco interiors. For floors, choose polished parquet to cement the look and provide a mix of retro with modern elegance. The lighting of the era was also made up of etched or enamelled glass with chrome. Tiffany-style glass was very common, produced in New York until 1933.

Art Deco Christmas Ideas

Christmas isn’t just for traditionalists, it can also be very stylish too! So if you’re in love with art deco and would like to make it your theme, it’s very easy to do this well. Combine a black and white palette with metallic accents for a roaring Great Gatsby yuletide! And let’s not forget a luxury display of white orchids, candelabras and ostrich plumes.

Doors with Stepped Beading for Art Deco Interior Design

Thank you for reading this week’s post on art deco interior design. Whether you’d like to update your home or nail Christmas glamour, hopefully, this blog post has been a great help. Our interior doors with stepped beading will certainly meet the modernist look of the Art Deco period. Finished in sumptuous Slate Black, they are bound to impress any guests you invite over this season. To learn more about our Stepped range, please contact the Doorsan Design Studio. From all of the team, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year. Thank you again.

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