An updated classic best describes the transitional home decor trend. It aims to combine traditional charm with contemporary traits for unmistakable elegance. When creating a transitional interior you should aim to make use of original features like cornicing. Textiles are always flawless and woods are rich such as Trophy Walnut for elevated luxury.


Vintage interior styling is actually far from being old fashioned. It’s charming, pretty and ever so retro, especially with classic pieces. For a look that echoes Arts and Crafts, we’d recommend our homely-looking Walnut finish. This will bring your vintage style together without being overly quaint.


The minimalist trend never goes out after starting in the early twentieth century. Originally a Japanese influence, this home decor trend works on the basis that less is more. Doorsan’s Slate Black finish will highlight clean lines of a minimalist interior. Pair with white or pops of colour to get the best out of a minimal space.


There is nothing wrong with home comforts that make us feel completely at ease so it’s no surprise that our love for Hygge interiors is here to stay. A Danish concept, the phrase Hygge represents cosiness and contentment. It’s also an organic style that’s easy to form especially with internal doors in UV Walnut.

Modern Bohemian

If rainbow fringing springs to mind for this home decor trend, think again, for it has matured into pared-back modern boho. Traditionally inspired by Moroccan design and patterns that are bursting with colour, the bohemian style has had a makeover and it is now more grown-up. When decorating for Modern Bohemian blend ethnic patterns with muted tones. It’s a trend that is characterised by lots of layers and so juxtaposition is its best-kept secret.


A contemporary style is always current yet its traits are forever evolving. It’s twenty-first century and totally fluid with clean lines and plenty of space. Glass and metal are also typically seen in most contemporary interiors and our Madison finish will work with these elements to result in a look that’s opulent and current.

Art Deco

High-lauded and totally iconic, Art Deco originates from early 20th century France. Recognisable forms are also graduated steps, geometric shapes and lots of exuberant glamour. This home decor trend has also gone on to influence architecture around the world. The aim was to streamline buildings and it became a common style for commercial buildings like banks.

Mid-Century Modern

Looking back on a 1960’s post-war America, Mid-Century Modern was a break in convention. It’s a style that showcases clean lines with plenty of teak and retro pops of colour. As a result, it’s fair to say this trend has plenty of life in it yet. Work Mid-Century Modern with nostalgic pieces and a sophisticated Oak door finish.


Cliché interiors inspired by the coast usually feature stripes and nautical elements. The home decor trend for Coastal, however, is modest with an emphasis on natural materials. The best versions of Coastal are kept very humble without being overworked. When done right it’s a look that is carefree - perfect for an unassuming beach-front property.

Global Essence

Now onto our tenth and final home decor trend, we have the colonial Global Essence. It’s essentially a diverse celebration of global pattern, taking inspiration from travelling the world. In this trend, we see a welcoming pattern of woven textiles and botanical forms. Rich earthy pigments are also key for this look as is authentic hand-made pottery.

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Thank you for reading this week’s post which discusses 10 popular home decor trends. If you’re in the market for great style we would love to help you indulge in your new look. At Doorsan, we are more than happy to help if you’d like to discuss an upcoming project with us. With expert advice on trends and interior doors, you’ll be able to make any creative decisions with confidence. Thank you for reading.

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