Interior Designer vs Interior Architect and Interior Decorator

First up we need to clarify something that often confuses clients because an interior designer is not to be confused with an interior architect or decorator. In terms of an interior architect, their focus is more on the build itself and they consider all factors within an interior that affects human habitation. This is things like materials and finishes to the intelligent use of the space whereas an interior decorator is more concerned with soft furnishings and colour schemes. It’s also fair to say that interior designers have an incredibly broad-ranging profession. Covering all aspects of planning and designing the role of any two can vary greatly.


A Flair For Meticulous Planning

An adept interior designer knows what works and what also doesn’t. So they won’t waste time or crucially yours by falling victim to costly mistakes. They also use mood boards to gain a better perspective and finalise every room. So each element is measured and meticulously prepared before any purchases are actually made.


Priceless Expertise

A stellar interior designer will come with a well-earned reputation. This is usually through an outstanding level of service providing super-prime design. They also excel at understanding the needs of their client and interpreting their aspirations. This experience concludes in exceptional things - beautifully bespoke luxury homes.


Invaluable Connections and Team

Behind every good designer are an extraordinary team of stylists, architects and trades. Together they’re a force to be reckoned with and quickly deliver what they say they will. By working so closely with dedicated professionals, it means developments are always straightforward. So your property will be enhanced in no time at all with the team's core focus based around you.


Burden-free Refurbishments

If you’re bewildered about flooring and can’t even think about doors you definitely need outside help. Providing a fresh pair of eyes, thus alleviating pressure, your interior designer can make these decisions for you. And why ever not because it’s what they do best, having dealt with many luxury projects. So if finishing options are keeping you up at night leave this responsibility in their capable hands - door samples anyone?


Bespoke Interiors That Are Totally You

Your interior style is exclusively yours and only yours alone, so why follow the crowd and settle for average, you know that’s not really you. But what is you is stunning results and a space that feels so good. And so the best thing about hiring an interior designer is that they will never compromise your needs - ever.

We thoroughly hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post, 5 reasons to hire an interior designer. If you’re currently undertaking a residential project, we’d love to assist with the bespoke joinery. To request a brochure and view our finishes please simply order your copy here. Alternatively, our team are always on hand to discuss any special requirements. Thank you for reading.

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5 Reasons to Hire an Excellent Interior Designer

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