What is a Spice Kitchen?

A spice kitchen is a separate room that is generally found in the main kitchen. They’re often used for cultural cooking with separate ventilation to capture any unwanted aromas.

How to Design a Spice Kitchen

Spice kitchens are typically small in design and an addition to a properties main kitchen. They do, however, have all the essentials such as an induction hob, oven and sink. Some will even have a dishwasher or other specialist appliances depending on the client’s culinary requirements. There’s also plenty of worktop space for peeling and chopping and storage for the main ingredients. In terms of a spice kitchen door, a lot of our clients choose to use a pocket-door system. Instead of opening inwards it slides into the wall cavity, saving at least a metre square of space.

Advantages of a Spice Kitchen

The general consensus from those with one is that spice kitchens are very convenient. Being small they allow for quicker access - everything you need is within arms reach. Spice kitchens also contain any mess and cooking smells, your main kitchen wouldn’t even know it’s just held a banquet. They’re additionally fantastic in terms of re-selling a property because the main kitchen is always kept immaculate.

Other Helpful Tips

Some other useful tips for spice kitchens would be to stay away from porous materials. This is things like marble or certain types of granite, instead, for countertops opt for quartz. Having a lot of sockets will also mean creativity is never capped by an appliance. You’ll also need a durable material for any cupboards and one that’s not affected by oxidisation.

Doorsan Design Studio | Dependable Door-Set Finishes

If this post has swayed your decision to include a spice kitchen within your project, remember you’ll need an additional door and in a finish that is up to the challenge. Thankfully at Doorsan, we can provide interior door-sets and in a range of benchmark finishes. All of which have been designed to improve door performance whether a spice kitchen, library or hallway. Thank you for reading.

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