Less is More

Coffee table styling is easy to master as long as you stick to the guidelines. Number one, of course, is ‘Less is More’ and the first rule of timeless elegance. It can be tempting to fill a space with all of your treasured trimmings. The key, however, is to let items breath and allow the table to be functional.


Artfully Styled Corners

Now, this is where the fun really starts, gathering items for your coffee table. Books, art and flowers all work well, especially if they connect through colour. Arranging your display can take some time but don’t worry it will be worth it. So play around with items until they feel right, oh and leave room for that G&T.


Use a Tray

One other trick that stylists use, especially for an uneven surface, is to use a tray for all of the items that you would like to display. If it doesn’t fit then it has to go which makes deciding easy. Including a tray will also promise a more unified look.


Balance is Beautiful

Harmony is key to a beautiful display and you can achieve this balance through symmetry. Glass coffee tables also take up less space visually, leaving the spotlight to focus on your handy work.


Work the Room

A perfectly dressed coffee table should work with your existing room. This means enhancing the decor with complementary colours, textures and accents. If your style is boho play with blooms such as meadow flowers and ferns. For modern luxe, you also can’t go wrong with gemstone bowls and picture frames.


Interior Design Tips for Rooms that Flow

For a visual flow throughout your home, think continuity through colour. For example, using the same type of flooring will make rooms seem all the more larger. Matching doors with the rest of your interiors can also tie a room together seamlessly. Which is why at Doorsan, we can even coordinate your doors to your floors AND coffee table! Please get in touch to find out more about our matching finish collection

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