Mirror Mirror

In terms of making a room feel bigger, both mirrors and shiny surfaces are fab. Working to help bounce light around the place, they open up dim corners and create the illusion of more space. Oversized mirrors, in particular, are also pretty impressive especially when they are positioned across from a room's entrance. Mirror mirror on the wall who’s is the fairest home of them all? That’s right, yours.


Visual and Tactile Textures

Visual and tactile textures are key to any interior setting. The term tactile relates to the actual feeling of a surface whereas visual is our perception of how it might feel. Adding texture to a room is also certain to create a luxury show home effect. Think woods and metals, soft throws and velvet to create layers for your upmarket look. You can also bring texture to the bedroom with upholstered bed heads and panels. Additionally, a tip that designers recommend is cushions 18 inches in height.


Spacial Symmetry

There’s something about symmetry that is really appealing and it makes for a well-balanced interior. So keep clutter to a minimum and let your room shine with methodically placed accessories. Use decorative items in groups of three, on a coffee table, ottoman or fireplace. The sofa will also look suitably fabulous when paired with matching side tables and lamps.


Luxury Show Home Doors

Your home should be a reflection of you with a slight nod to trending influences. Which is why its essential to leave the accessories until the more permanent aspects are chosen. On the matter of doors, the right style will set the bar high for your home interior. With our pre-hung door sets, you can even match your doors to the lining and also architraves.

At Doorsan we are always working to expand our benchmark finish collection. Which is why this week we’re excited to reveal our new artisanal range of coatings. From delicate porcelain to intense slate black, all have been designed to improve door performance. So get in touch to browse the looks that will compliment your luxury show home. Thank you for reading.

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