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March 21st 2019

Hotel-like Bedroom Decor; 5 Ways to Make it Work


There’s nothing like luxuriant surroundings to promote a sense of ease and serenity. That feeling you get in a top-level hotel that’s no less than 5-star standard. But how can we enjoy this level of comfort from home and also away? Read on for 5 tips to achieve the look for hotel-like bedroom decor…

Make Every Thread Count

First of all, let’s start with the bed and those all-important sheets. Because a good nights sleep almost certainly starts with a high-thread count of 1000. You must have heard the old fairytale about the Princess and the pea? Well if only she’d known about Supima cotton, she wouldn’t have needed so many sheets.

Oversized Headboards

When you first walk into a hotel room, what is the first thing that you see? The bed of course with a (hopefully) high-thread count and imperious headboard to match. It’s actually this furniture that draws the eye to the centre of the room. This makes rooms appear grand without too much drama – perfect for hotel-like bedroom decor.

Invest in a Piece of Art for Hotel-like Bedroom Decor

Investing in art is a great way to achieve the feeling of an exclusive suite. Not only will it enhance your signature style but it will also make ceilings seem gloriously higher. If you’re a fan of Feng Shui then you’ll like this part because art is good for the soul. So cultivate good energy with a masterpiece of imagery or abstract impressions.

Breakfast in Bed in Style

Whether eggs, croissants or fruit you deserve to dine in the mornings with style. So treat yourself and your special someone to breakfast in your hotel-like bedroom. Weekends will feel even more decadent if food is eaten from luxury serveware. Simply switch on the coffee and do not disturb to enjoy your room service-inspired breakfast.

Luxury Wooden Doors for Hotel-like Bedroom Decor

It isn’t just breakfast that makes a room feel luxurious, it’s the more permanent features too. So consider high-end doors in a finish of your choice to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. Hotel doors provide a feeling of safety as well as much-needed peace and quiet. So enjoy a restful night with our soft close seals and silent magnetic latches.

In addition, did you know that at Doorsan we cater for residential and commercial establishments so if you’re the owner of a boutique hotel we would love to speak with you further. To discuss acoustic ratings and FD30 or FD60 Fire Rated doors, please get in touch with our Projects Team or why not Request a Brochure?