Why Monochrome Interiors are Enduring

First of all, why is this trend enduring enough to last an age? Monochrome is versatile with clean, sleek lines - minimal with maximum impact. In fact, monochrome can transform a messy hallway into a calm and inviting space. There’s also no disaster with colour, black will always be in so it’s technically the safer choice.

Creating a Monochrome Palette

When it comes to a monochrome palette it takes some guts to paint a whole wall jet black. Dark interiors may be trending but if you go over the top the space will just feel enclosed. Instead, opt for shades that promote balance but still make a novel statement. There’s also no need to limit yourself to just black and white - monochrome is as diverse as any other style. Subtle colour changes can soften contrasts and create a really attractive finish. This is shades like cream or cool granite grey to really bring the best out of your scheme.

A Pop of Colour Brings a Room to Life

Monochrome fans will probably argue that this is an absolute no go, however, just a splash of colour can be really effective and bring the whole scheme to life. Introduce some leafy house plants to break up the look or use natural materials like wood to add warmth. Metallic accents will also add charm and dress up a monochrome space to perfection.

Say Yes to Texture and Pattern

By limiting your palette to black and white shades you can really get creative with your materials and patterns. This will prevent the whole scheme from blending too much, adding interest to avoid monotony. Don’t be afraid to also experiment with textures to create a home that’s welcoming. Bold artwork will also work well as will patterned chairs, rugs, cushions and throws.

Black Internal Doors for a Monochrome Scheme

For a fully coordinated look, why not finish your scheme with black internal doors by Doorsan? Shown here in Jet Black, it’s also possible to apply this finish in any shade of your choice. If you’d also like your monochrome interior to be a touch more glamorous, have your doors enhanced with a brass bronze finish. Our inlay collection also includes a cool chrome finish or faux leather for an extravagant result. Please click here to download our brochure and thank you for reading this week’s post.

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