A Waitrose Of Course!

Known as the ‘Waitrose effect’, recent research by Lloyds Bank has shown that living near a popular supermarket can do wonders for the value of your home. Live near a Sainsbury’s or a Tescos? You can enjoy an increase of just over £22,000. A Waitrose branch on the other hand and this rises to an average of almost £40,000!


Fabulous Interior Decor

An attractive and harmonious home is essential to both the homeowner and future buyers. Because let’s face it not everyone will share the same interior style as you. So be unbiased when it comes to a space, using easy to replace decorations. Rich lighting, flowers and mirrors work wonders - why not have a read of our earlier blog post.


Having Well-Bred Neighbours

Even if you don’t want to spend time keeping up with the Jones’ it would really help the saleability of your property if you did. According to the National Association of Estate Agents, luxuries like Michelin-starred restaurants or an organic farm shop can all have a positive impact on the value of nearby homes. And if that means hosting a vegan supper club at yours every Tuesday, well, so be it…


New Replacement Windows

It’s surprising to think that some UK properties are still without double-glazing but like wooden doors, they are sought-after and can add considerable value. Where windows do need replacing, they should be replaced like-for-like. Also, bear in mind that for most listed buildings, plastic is not viewed as adequate.


A Beautifully Landscaped Garden

A well-designed garden will certainly add value, particularly if the land is secluded. Distinctive areas will also add appeal, such as seating, eating, storage and barbecuing. And let’s not forget you as the homeowner and what a luscious garden can do for your health. Add a conservatory to simply escape from the grind or work from home in a garden building.


High-Quality Wooden Doors & Bespoke Joinery

High-quality wooden doors go hand in hand with expertly-crafted joinery. So if you’re looking to add more value to your home this comes under our Doorsan umbrella. With the right doors and in a beautiful finish you will certainly add the wow-factor. This will then be supported by solid wood architrave, skirting and coving details. To find out more about our bespoke joinery, please get in touch with our projects team. Whether Luke or Arantxa we would love to help influence the saleability of your property.

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