What is a mood board?

A mood board is what it says on the tin, a board to showcase ideas. So when you can’t describe it you can certainly use aids that represent a certain aesthetic. This collection of swatches, samples and images ensures excellent client/designer understanding. A perfected mood board will then translate how the new interior will look.


Why they benefit luxury interiors

Mood boards are an exciting start to a project and also great if you’re not good at getting your point across. As the client, you can also make any necessary changes and all without discouraging your designer. Which is why mood boards are incredibly superb in ensuring a client's needs are met. The loose design format also encourages creativity without any style limitations.

Your designer would generally bring to the table some rousing ideas as a start. This can include many fabric samples for instance, such as the elegant drapery and shades. Luxury living is also about extravagance and so your mood board should definitely support this. They also prevent distraction from the end goal your designer plans to accomplish.


Luxury interiors that are so you

You should definitely opt to start your project by compiling an inspiring mood board. The many samples will also help to express product quality and impact. For example, rooms with a high-end vibe call for complimentary fixtures and fittings. Which is why at Doorsan we can provide you with samples of any of our five-star finishes.

Please let us know if you would like to be put in touch with a reputable interior designer. So you can devise a board of your passions and take pleasure in the results that follow.

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