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November 28th 2018

Why Manital door handles are a thing of beauty


In terms of aesthetics, the right handle can make or break a door. Which is why at Doorsan we’re in awe of Italian designer Manital who are high-end door handle producers. Famous for their prestigious hardware, the team of Manital possess a stoic focus for excellence. So after 25 years of remarkable innovation, here, we explore this sought-after brand… 

Who are Manital?

Founded in 1990 by Luigi Bigoloni, Manital was initially established to manufacture brass handles for doors and windows.

The company then went on to collaborate with many acclaimed Italian designers and this resulted in their line of up-market designer handles. Over the years Manital has seen many changes, including a successful company rebrand. In 2007 Conindustria also presented them with an ‘’award for industry excellence’’.

Prestigious Italian Hardware

There’s no doubt that Italy is known for its style with a culture of effortless glamour. So it’s no surprise that Manital has made handles so terribly desirable. It is with thanks to the companies desire to experiment that puts Manital at the industries forefront. Grace and excellence are therefore continuous with every detail wholly Italian.

The Manital Finishing Touch

The Manital collection has certainly been designed with the epitome of luxury in mind. Their manufacturing facility, for instance, only entrusts high calibre specialists. Much of Manital’s line also radiates a style that is influenced by Europe. Take their square lever door handles on square rose in either matte black or satin brass. With the right choice, Manital handles will surely add character to your doors and home interior. Incredibly, you can even add Swarovski crystals that will make a fabulous conversation starter.

If you are looking for designer doors with luxury hardware to match then you have come to the right place. With both contemporary and traditional styles of doors, you will find the one that suits your property. To explore our range of high-end wooden doors, we invite you to our showroom for coffee. Just twenty minutes outside of Leeds, you’ll discover why Manital handles are a thing of beauty…