Lipping is the solid piece of wood that runs around the perimeter of a door to form a substantial edge where the hinges and latch can be cut out from. With Product A, the lipping is generally un-profiled and also applied mechanically. With Product B, the lipping is profiled, glue is then applied by hand before the door is hydraulically clamped.


Veneer Selection

Veneer is a thin slice of timber taken from a log which can be cut in different directions to give varied grain patterns. With Product A, the veneer is generally purchased in container loads and mixed on mass to give reasonable colour and grain continuity. Product B’s veneer is purchased specifically for your project’s requirement. It is also checked by hand by a member of our production team and we work closely with our veneer supplier to ensure it meets the Doorsan standard.



The core is quite simply the centre of a door. The core of Product A is typically unknown, unregulated, it could also be joined in sections to economise on wastage but ultimately, it is impossible to know. Product B is always in one piece and tested for durability and moisture content. Our fire door cores have also been tested in a laboratory to withstand one million open and closes.


General Material

Product A’s material is generally from unknown and again, unregulated sources. Very often certain elements can also be made of substitute woods that are native to the producer. With Product B, you get exactly what you order. If it is a walnut door then the lippings, inserts, beading and veneer will also all be made from the same wood species.


Supply Chain

Product A is typically sourced via a large global supply chain so complex it's difficult to know where the item is even made and under what working conditions. By working closely with Doorsan for Product B, you are in direct contact with us as the producer, allowing you to bypass agents, wholesalers, importers, distributors and the retailer. We also give unrivalled backup and service in our industry. In summary, you really do get what you pay for.


Your luxury door manufacturer

So, we hope we have made things a little clearer as to the benefits of using a luxury door manufacturer. Internal doors are an integral part of a building's design and those of high value will only work to increase the overall worth of your property.

If you have any questions about any of the points featured in our door construction guide then we would love to speak with you further. No matter what stage you are at, our Doorsan team are on hand to offer any direction you need with your luxury door project and crucially, we’re also here to ensure that the final result is nothing short of excellent. Thank you for reading.


Written and published by, Hannah King

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