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June 15th 2018

Making a statement with the use of bold pigments


It’s hard to believe that it’s summertime and yet for the colour trends of this season, we’re seeing plenty of dark hues and even more luxurious, bold pigments.

It’s out with the bright and in with the mysterious as moody glamour rules our colour palette, making an impact that only exudes charm and understated elegance. Because let’s face it, the summer months can be notoriously up and down and for those rainy, overcast days, we just want a bit of comfort. If you have a desire to take the plunge with this seasons daring new colour spectrum, here’s how you can make a statement with the use of bold pigments.   

A Decor of Bold Pigments

If you laugh in the face of bold decor and are only too happy to make brave choices, tackle your living area walls in either an inky blue, brooding plum or impressive emerald. The overall look will no doubt be a captivating result but are you prepared to completely venture over to the dark side yet?

Furnishings and Accessories

If changing the wall colour is a bit much for you, how about stepping away from the paint and looking to accessories instead? The recent resurgence of retro luxe means that darker woods are now very much in fashion and give a subtle nod to the bold pigments trend of this year. A dusky navy sofa will also look sensational, as will dark vases, flowers, glass and stoneware, all creating different levels of interest and tieing in nicely with this palette of moody blues.  

Show-stopping Doors

An alternative to focusing on accessories and furnishings, is actually looking to your interior doors. We all have at least one in every room, so why not allow your doors to take centre stage and be the show-stopping features themselves. Accents of metallic materials are nothing new but imagine if they were worked into the core of your door design. A brass handle here, a gold inlay there. With the ability to also craft our interior doors in on-trend bold pigments and even darker finishes, you’re guaranteed sophistication when colour and metal are paired together.

At Doorsan, we are currently busy working on new designs to accommodate our clients ever expanding desires. It’s an exciting time for us all and one that we cannot wait to share with you soon. If you’re looking for ways to indulge in the trend for bold pigments this summer, we hope our advice has been helpful. The epitome of prestige, it’s certainly an exquisite look and one that is most definitely worth taking a risk for.           


bold pigments

Dark pigments for this summer’s interior decor. Image source: Furniture Village



Written and published by, Hannah King