The Moody Blues

No not the legendary English rock band, inky blues and dramatic indigoes are making a big comeback this season. Dark, daring but effortlessly beautiful, if committing a whole room to this rich colour spectrum scares you, simply accessorize the look instead with elegant vases and delicate blooms.


Foliage and More Foliage

Once overlooked as humble houseplants, indoor plants are fast becoming the must-have fashion staple in home interior design. And we can’t forget the clincher here - they naturally produce clean and purified air and so are great to have around! Start small with a selection of mini Succulents or go all out with a lively Majesty Palm. Another nostalgic choice that is proving to be very popular again is the retro swiss cheese plant.


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Glam Dark Woods

Furniture is heading over to the dark side this Summer as interior stylists say goodbye to the recent Scandi trend and step away from pale woods and bleached finishes. A nod to retro glamour, wishbone-style chairs and tables are also having a considerable resurgence. Pair with gold or brass metallic accents for that finishing touch of sophisticated luxury.


Interior decor inspiration

We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest blog; 3 interior decor trends to watch out for this Summer. When we’re not appreciating beautifully constructed doors, another great passion of ours is exquisitely designed interiors.

If you have a residential project coming up soon then we would love to talk further with you. It’s always useful to bounce ideas off like-minded people and so we always keep a fresh supply of filter coffee in our Allerton-Bywater Showroom. For splendidly crafted internal doors and an abundance of interior decor inspiration, we welcome you to visit us soon.

Image source: French Connection

Written and published by, Hannah King

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