One recognisable monochrome interior is that of British perfume and scented candle brand, Jo Malone. Their legion of stores display the same black and white uniform that is both tranquil and uplifting, understated and glamorous with lots of splendidly chosen, dramatic details. Add into the mix the brand's distinctive monochrome doors and it is the perfect combination for this luxury fragrance and lifestyle company. At home, however, the much-acclaimed perfumer still favours an all-white look, much to the dismay of her beloved Border Terrier.

The use of monochrome doors within your homes interior design will certainly make for an exciting palette contrast and is a modern reinvention of this ageless design trend. An alternative, more subtle approach would be sumptuous doors in a black oiled finish against neutrals walls and artfully placed blooms.

Much of our inspiration is taken from the brilliant architecture of our second home in Valencia and our design team strive to bring you the very best in luxury interior door styles. Using applied materials, we are able to provide a dual finish so if you’d like, you can also achieve the perfect monochrome look for your homes interior doors. Just like the Jo Malone brand itself, the overall look is simple, classic and extremely striking. If you’re in the market for beautifully designed internal doors, why not get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable team. We would absolutely love to discuss your specific and unique requirements.


Written and published by, Hannah King

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