So what is it about bronze, brass and polished finishes that we just love so much? And how can you incorporate this soaring trend into your internal doors? Allow us to explore three savvy ways. Beautifully crafted handles in bronze, brass and polished finishes are a splendid finishing touch to high-end internal doors. When paired with a dark wood such as a black oil, it is a statement that is antique yet contemporary, prestigious and also sophisticated.

Another great idea is to introduce marquetry inlays into an otherwise standard door design. Adding a touch of style but without compromising the overall strength of the door construction itself, inlays are something a bit different from the norm. When bronze, brass and polished finishes are added into the mix against, for example, a rich walnut, the overall look is very elegant. Interior designers are also using inlays within furniture and fittings, allowing subdued, sheeny accents to warm an interior up.

If you’ve already got beautiful looking doors but just without the inlays, solid brass hinges are also a clever move to play about with the trend. Like fine jewellery for your doors, hinges are an inexpensive and noncommittal way to experiment with the look. You can always try them out on one door first before you make the big change from satin stainless steel.

The recent revival of bronze, brass and polished finishes means that we have more opportunity than ever to make undaunted choices when it comes to our interior decor. Less is more, however, when it comes to warming metallics. Also, keep an eye out soon for the latest designs new to the Doorsan inlay range. When creative ideas are not restricted by outside factors and limitations, anything is possible.


Written and published by, Hannah King

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