Sense of space

One of the main reasons why people choose to use glass in their interior design is the tremendous effect this translucent material has on space. For instance, in a small lounge, it can help to create the effect of more valuable room and this is easily achievable with the use of a glass door or partition. Another option would be to use glazed doors and partitions to help keep things a little more private.


Aesthetic Value

Glass in interior design helps to bring an element of timelessness to a room. It adds aesthetic value so to speak and is why more and more furniture is being sculpted from this substance. It’s not as fragile as it used to be either. Now, often strengthened to a degree, glass is much longer lasting and safe to use within interior design. Traditionally a feature reserved for the corporate office, elegant glass balustrades have made a comeback in recent years along with staircases made from tempered glass walls, adding another level of sophistication to the modern home.



The use of glass in architecture and decoration are unfathomable and as well as being highly aesthetic, glass is also extremely practical and functional. Helping to reduce noise levels and the travelling of sound from one room to another, glass is proven to make for a suitably peaceful environment.

In conclusion, glass in interior design is a trend that is here to stay and making it a part of your interior doors will definitely transform the look of your home. Some great examples of glazed doors that were originally produced for our customer's projects are the Ellington Glazed in a walnut finish and the Castello Glazed in our popular black oil.

Whichever your preference, Doorsans exclusive range of individually crafted doors will ensure your decision is a crystal clear one.


glass in interior design


Written and published by, Hannah King

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