There's something about fresh woodland hues that seem to reduce the intensity of a development that could have been viewed as somewhat hard and overbearing. A touch of greenery will appear to mellow even the severest of man-made lines and it makes us feel, well, at ease.

Take the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for example. Its fate could have been yet another superstructure to dominate this lush landscape. Yes, its fascia would have mirrored its beautiful and natural surroundings but that's not the real deal.

Instead, the developers of this astounding construction have decided to incorporate the build into the existing hillside. By doing so this flash of flourishing green takes the severity of such a large domicile down a notch. You could say that the Nanyang Technological University is the mother nature of all buildings.


Nanyang Technological University, green roofs

Green roofs in your project

So how could you utilise dame mother nature in all her finery within your next project?

If you're not in a position to Lord of the Rings it and completely embed your home into a hillside, there are other more straightforward options available instead. Who wants to live in a hobbit house anyway hey?

How about a smattering of greenery to beautify the environment of your garden office pod, She-Shed or Man-Cave. Or if you love the thrill of a challenge, your very own eco house roof will certainly make it clear that you have a sustainable home. Just be aware of the myth however that green roofs are very insulating. They do help to cool the building in the summer more than actually warming it up in the winter.


green roofs on shed

Benefits of green roofs

As well as serving to lessen the presence of rather tenacious looking buildings, green roofs also have many other positive benefits. They prevent gutters from overflowing, help to reduce noise pollution, provide an area for urban agriculture and they make suitably fabulous habitats for our wildlife friends too.

So if Woody the woodpecker comes knocking at your door, make sure to tell him you've been very green fingered of late and point him in the right direction of your prosperous new green roof.


Written and published by Hannah King

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