The Ivy

The Ivy restaurant is marking their 100th anniversary this year and what better way to celebrate than by firmly positioning themselves amongst the Leeds' fine dining and elite social scene. That's right, the famous Ivy restaurant adored by celebrities, royals and the rich worldwide is just one of the many exciting Leeds developments expected to be making an appearance in the city very soon. Watch this space.


Leeds developments The Ivy

Image courtesy of The Ivy


The City Centre 5-Acre Park

Wow. New York's Central Park eat your heart out. Who knew The Tetley site, tucked away nice and snug within the depths of the city, could be roomy enough to house a vast 5-acre real-life park? Like with trees and walkways and everything.

Phase one plans have recently been approved for what's set to play a vital part in the city’s regeneration, on the historic Leeds south bank. Surrounded by office space, 2 hotels and 850 homes, this 5-acre park will be divided into 3 main areas that will all be inter-linked via tree-lined streets.

And with the new office space buildings set to dominate the city skyline, the highest standing at 120 metres, the current Leeds record holder Bridgewater Place should be quaking in its boots.


Leeds developments 5 acre park

Image courtesy of Vastint UK Services


The Leeds Garden Walkway

Out of all the Leeds developments going on at the moment, this is the one we are most excited about. This new and iconic attraction is set to provide commercial space for more shops, cafes, bars and restaurants and will bridge the West End of the city to the South Bank area and new 5-acre park.

Based on the New York High Rise in Manhattan, developers want to take the recognisable Leeds Victorian Viaduct and transform it into an elevated and spectacular open-air garden and public place. And our lungs aren't complaining either. With this and the new 5-acre park, it will certainly put Leeds in good stead for competition with leafy London. The capital has such a high number of tree's and greenery, it is officially classed as the world's largest urban forest.


Leeds developments high walk

Image courtesy of CJCT Studios

If you are planning to make a trip and visit some of these marvellous Leeds developments, it would be great to meet you whilst you're in our area. At only a 20 minute drive away from Leeds City Centre, our office in Allerton Bywater has fresh coffee brewing all day to welcome any new and old faces.

Written and published by Hannah King

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