But how did this trend start, where did it come from and is it set to outdo gold and chrome for months yet to come?

We can all thank acclaimed interior designer Tom Dixon for introducing us to our rosy red precious metal obsession. His showstopper pendant lighting is what kicked off this sophisticated trend and his work can be seen in homes, restaurants and bars worldwide.

Not only are they extremely versatile when it comes to your choice of interior design, these fine metallics create a warming glow and let's face it, are oh so terribly good-looking in their russet and tawny appearance.

Depending on individual taste, chrome can be too cold and clinical for the family home. For some, gold too bling. You could say that copper, brass and rose gold are an on-trend but very safe bet for many. In fact, whilst at the London Homebuilding and Renovating show a couple of weeks ago, we actually met with a company who specialised in copper, brass and rose gold light switches.

So what are your thoughts? Are you in love with this design trend or are you a die-hard chrome or gold fan still to be persuaded?

Keep an eye out soon for the latest designs new to the Doorsan range - our favourite group of stylish alloys might just be making an appearance.


Image courtesy of Rational.


Written and published by Hannah King

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