Florence cathedral marble

A change of plan, we walked across an attractive square which leads up to the Florence Baptistery, an octagonal and splendid looking building. One of the oldest buildings in the city, it is constructed with marble brought from Fiesole and from ancient structures. Fascinatingly it has been long believed that the Baptistry was originally a Roman temple dedicated to the planet of Mars. I think Mars must have good taste.

Our marble trail continued and just across the way from the Baptistery stands the magnificent Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore or as we know it, the Florence Cathedral.

With its commanding structure and meticulously detailed architecture, it was impressive to see a building of such greatness up close. The exterior of this superstructure is faced with pink and green marble, bordered by white and with an elaborate gothic revival facade. It is, without doubt, a 14th-century masterpiece.

It really got me thinking about the recent trend for sumptuous marble interiors and furnishings, after all, fashion always does come full circle.

marble coffee tableHaving taken in the architecture and designer boutiques (who all have really decadent doors I might add), we found ourselves getting comfy in a quaint little eaterie, watching beautiful Florence go by as we tucked into a hearty bowl of spaghetti al ragu.

As we draw to a close, here are just a few other useful points to note about this great city:

Planning a trip in either July or August? It is absolutely stifling hot in the city so remember to dress accordingly.

If a tuxedo-clad waiter hands you a menu before walking away, leave. Unless you want to pay over 20 euros for an uncomplicated beverage.

Don't stop at the first gelateria you see, there are better ones trust me.

And if you're swaying towards marble interiors in your home or at least subtle accents of the stone, I would absolutely recommend you take a trip to the city of historic excellence to get some inspiration. Happy travels.


Written and published by Hannah King

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