So when I heard about this new paint on the block I got very excited indeed. Hemsley is a prestige paint brand brought to us by Homebase without the premium price tag. Their range of subdued and timeless colours are grouped into 14 collections, made up of 56 flat matt colours. They don't seem to have the vast range of traffic-stopping colours like Farrow and Ball do but if tranquillity is your thing you cannot go wrong.

With exclusive sounding names such as Hambridge Ecru and Brampton China, how could you not want to give these beauties a whirl? I asked my partner this as I persuaded him into painting again for the second time this year.

We opted for the Lovington Flint emulsion for our living space and Shepton Frost for our internal doors. The paint went on very well, easy to apply and thick in consistency which meant it didn't drip. It dried with the ultra matt finish it promised on the tin and now our walls and doors look pretty glorious again.

If you're in the market for new doors, one option to think about is getting them supplied primed. Doorsan's collection of ready to paint doors are pre-primed with an undercoat and are thoughtfully sanded to give an impeccable finish ready for painting. Think of what fun you could have with Hemsley paint then.

I'm really liking this new option of impressive paint, even more so since it is staggeringly half the price of Farrow and Ball. In fact, so similar is Hemsley paint to its counterpart no one would ever even know the difference.

"I just love your new wall colours,'' said, my friend, as she visited one afternoon, "which brand did you end up going for again?''

That's when I felt my partner's eyes bore into me as "Farrow and Ball'' blurted out of my deceitful little mouth. After all, it is the 3rd most popular paint brand in the UK.


Written and published by Hannah King


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