I have direct contact with our customers and learn every day from them, we establish long term very good relationships. It always amazes me that we can spend so many interesting hours talking about a subject so apparently boring as doors.



I am in my sixties and since age 25 I have been involved in the timber door market. I have travelled the world selling doors and it is very interesting to learn how they utter a lot of information about a country and personality of its citizens: “Tell me what door you like and I will tell you who you are” is a phrase that holds a lot of truth. I studied business administration and I believe on continuous learning, so I am always up to something related to my work.



I enjoy rambling and riding bicycle in the countryside. Nothing hard, just soft paths to enjoy the views, the little villages and very important, to end in a nice pub for some good food to recover. Good music. Whatever music, but good. Something that makes you move and gives you a good feeling. The family and friends with whom I enjoy my life with are always kept in close company.



Lapa Oak, Suffolk, Black Castello



So many and diverse. I have a long list of books to read that I am sure I will never reach to end it because I keep adding. At the moment, I am reading “The element”, by Ken Robinson and the Spanish poet Antonio Machado biography by Ian Gibson.

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