Working From Home

Before corona, some companies didn’t believe in the concept of working from home. Fast forward to now, however, and even corporations like Twitter are closing their headquarters for the home office. A sustainable choice which can improve wellbeing, working from home has been popular with freelancers for years. Opt for adequate storage and good lighting to keep productivity at its best.

Privacy and Soundproofing

Quarantining with the rest of your family may have made you forget what privacy is. If you have children this is even more so but everyone needs time for themselves. Whether you’re working from home or simply reading a book, pocket doors can section off an open-plan space. Our luxury door-sets are also available in custom thicknesses which can help to dull noise and offer sound-proofing benefits.

Embracing Niksen

Niksen is a Dutch word which can be translated into “doing nothing”. Much like Hygge, the concept emphasises wellness and the art of being mindful and present. It’s additionally seen as a way to recover from burn out and become creative in the process. A sanctuary-like home will ensure you relax as you indulge in a little you time.

Natural Greenery

The more time indoors the greater the need to get out for some fresh air. Vertical and indoor gardens have, therefore, soared, especially for apartment owners. A proven way to reduce stress and boost health, Biophilia is more necessary than ever before. Why not take up indoor gardening and grow your own veg? It is said to be incredibly rewarding.

New and Functional Storage

A rising trend throughout quarantine has seen us doing more online shopping. Of course, with an online order comes potential contact when your package is delivered to your door. One of the things that may combat this is a dedicated space in which to keep any parcels. Use the area to unpack items and then throw out the package before bringing it inside your home.

If there’s one thing for sure the coronavirus pandemic has made us realise the importance of a well-designed home. A time when personal space is at a premium, it’s the difference between going mad and staying sane. No longer about ‘’attractive things’’, the focus is on wellness and spaces that aid quality of life. Has this crisis made you re-think? Let’s hope there are many positive new things inside our homes in the long run. Thank you for reading.

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