Get a Strategy in Place

If you're representing your firm then it is recommended that you make the account a business profile. This will allow you to add a location with contact details and even encourage users to visit your website. Simply think of this app as a live portfolio which will showcase your work and views. You should also post daily to excite and create interest but remember to be authentic and not too salesy. For us, our aim is to inspire designers and homeowners with our interior door projects. We do this by posting daily photos of magnificent homes and letting the imagery speak for itself.

Tell Your Individual Story

Instagram is very powerful when it comes to business storytelling. Offering a way to communicate with your audience directly the platform brings many possibilities for designers. A storytelling platform yes but not all Instagram posts have to include actual words. Perhaps you’re keen to share a photo of a building you took on your way to the office, a visual method is still very effective. The Stories feature also provides more opportunity to delve into the background of your Instagram feed. Then there’s the right emojis and hashtags that fit with your brand - you don’t have to be a born writer to navigate Instagram.

Edit Edit Edit

So you’ve put together your very first post and are ready to hit the publish button but stop right there as there’s still work to be done, in the way of editing your post. Even the most perceptive of people still make mistakes so it’s worth checking what you have written (if at all). Grammarly is great for inspecting spelling and grammar so you’ll have no excuse for making an error. Instagram is also about the aesthetics and a bad photograph has no place on here. Fear not, however, as there are some fabulous filters - we’re rather partial to pre-hung door sets in ‘Ludwig’.

Interact with Other Users

There's a reason it's not called anti-social media, Instagram is for gaining new followers. Once you have these, opportunity knocks in the form of new relationships and even new business. Interactions will also help broaden your scope so when a follower comments, make sure you reply. We often get feedback like ‘’beautiful doors’’ and this is always such a pleasure to read. Being regrammed is also definitely a thing and works just like a Facebook share. Some users, however, like to give their permission so you should check before sharing an image.

Be Consistent

Much like running, results only happen if you put the hard work in. Having a consistent message is also really important and being regular with your posting is key. If you’re guilty of posting every day and then not posting for months, a scheduling tool like Meet Edgar could help. Instagram users want to follow active accounts so don’t tempt them into unfollowing you.

Connect with @Doorsan.Design.Studio

Thank you for reading this week’s post for our take on using Instagram. When done right, a strong account can put your business on the map but avoid being superficial at all costs. Be genuine and you’ll stand out - what you like and your brand is usually very similar. Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun - there’s just no other marketing tool like it! If you’d like to visit our profile and see some live posts, click here to connect with Doorsan’s Instagram handle. In the meantime, here are some interior door photos from recent projects of ours - we’re sure you’ll agree they’re very instagrammable!

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