What are Pre-Hung Door Sets?

Pre-hung door sets can be defined as a system which is made up of a frame, door leaf, hinges and latch/lock. All of the essential parts are supplied and the doors and frames are machined in the factory for hinges, locks and latches. Having pre-hung door sets custom made to order means you can determine the exact design and size to suit your project. With Doorsan, almost any height and width is also available with plenty of choices in weight, thickness and applied finishing options.

The Benefits of Pre-Hung Door Sets

Doorsan's pre-hung door sets are supplied in a fast installation kit form, ready-machined for easy onsite assembly and installation. This ensures all components are put together in a controlled environment which vastly minimises the risk for error when compared to purchasing a separate door leaf and ironmongery. With specialist machinery, wastage is also kept minimal and waste products like sawdust re-used. For larger projects, pre-hung door sets can be produced to your individual brief making them an obvious choice even in the most challenging of schemes.

Pre-Hung Door Sets vs Traditional Door Leaf Only

When specifying doors for a project you will encounter two types, pre-hung door sets and traditional door leaves with frame and separate ironmongery. If budget’s a concern you may be inclined to go for the latter but this option has its downsides too. There’s no doubt pre-hung door sets make light work of the fitting saving time and money on-site. Traditional door leaves, on the other hand, demand a far higher skill set of joinery which limits who and how long it takes to install them.

How to Fit Pre-Hung Door Sets

Versatile and ready to assemble, Doorsan’s pre-hung door-sets include a pre-machined and fully finished door leaf, frame kit, architraves and ironmongery together in one single easy to install system. Frames can be supplied either as a standard fixed width to suite new wall openings or as an adjustable frame that can easily be trimmed on-site to suit each opening without detriment to the finish. Why not download our online guide for more information relating to the installation of a single door set?

Get in Touch to Discuss a Project

Thank you for reading this week’s post which explores pre-hung door sets. Our capacity to manufacture this product in an array of tailor-made finishes presents a comprehensive range of potential. Our pre-hung door sets are also available in a wide range of sizes, with fire ratings and glazing options. If you have a vision in mind, please get in touch with our team to discuss the requirements of your project. Thanks again.

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