And yes that means those bronze pineapples you purchased on sale from John Lewis back in May will need to go. Well until next Spring anyway (woohoo).

To give you a heads up we have excitedly scoured through a ton of design and home interior sites from all over the web. Here, we bring to you 5 of our most-loved Interior Design Winter Trends.


Plant Life

When are plants ever not enjoyable and just because it's freezing outside it doesn't mean you can't get green fingered. They also naturally purify your air making staying inside a lot more bearable.

Start your winter collection with Weeping Figs, Ivy and Calathea for an ever so stylish and naturally beautiful home.


Emerald green

One your new plants will wholly enjoy. Designers are raving about nature-inspired hues this winter.

It's a divine and classic colour that teams up fantastic with blush pinks and coppers. If you already took the plunge and did this Summers tropical trend, by simply adding luxury textures such as a shag-pile rug, you can easily carry this look straight through into next season.

Interior Design Winter Trends Emerald Green

Geometric tiles

From the retro family kitchen of the 1970's to the very trendy modern bathroom of today, geometric tiles are fantastic because they never seem to age.

Timeless and cool, they make for a very elegant and simplistic look.



Black, white and classic, Monochrome again is a timeless and forever-in-style trend. Light walls and dark floors, how ever you want to work the look anything goes.

If it's too stark and cold for your taste, balance out the look and add warmth with accents of copper such as a statement light fitting and decorative bronze door inlays.

Interior Design Winter Trends mono


Once a material the royal and regal could enjoy and the poorest only dream of, velvet will be popping up in homes all over the UK this winter with consumers feeling more confident in making bold purchases - and we're excited for this one too.

Play it safe with sophisticated sofa cushions or go all out with a stunning piece of furniture in a seasonal Autumn shade.

Whichever Interior Design Winter Trends you decide to embrace next season, our range of exquisitely crafted wooden doors will ensure for a pleasant and inviting home ambience throughout the long, chilly months.

Now, where's that mulled wine and log fire?


Written and published by Hannah King

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