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August 25th 2015

External door weather protection – Awnings, Verandas and Porches

porch-264890_1280I have been considering the purchase, for some time, of an automatic weather protection awning, to be fitted over the area of our external folding sliding door set. Recently, we arranged a family BBQ and as the weather had been great the previous week I set out the garden seating and tables with candles for the evening. But, as usual and typical of our UK climate, before the guests arrived the heavens opened and torrential rain ensued for the whole afternoon and evening. Of course we made the most of the event, as stoic Brits do, but it would have been so nice to stay outdoors as the evening was warm but extremely wet.

This summer, in the North of the UK in particular, we have experienced unpredictable weather which does make planning events tricky. We love our Bi-Fold door set as it allows the outside Patio to flow in to our kitchen/dining area and when the weather is good we open a large section of wall which is really great for entertaining. I am now researching awnings seriously before next summer. In addition to protecting from the rain, of course, awnings are primarily for shade protection, I have realised that they will be useful during full sunshine as this room faces south west and in bright sunshine creates a good deal of dazzle from our greenhouse roof.

The protection of timber doors and windows from all weather situations is important for their structural integrity therefore Awnings, Porches and Verandas can be an essential outdoor addition. While researching these products I have also come to the conclusion that structures such as Traditional and Contemporary Verandas can compliment the appearance of many properties by adding character and style.

I will certainly discuss the addition of these external weather protection structures with customers purchasing our external doors as we always emphasise that weather protection is essential along with our recommended finishing products.