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September 8th 2014

Are there any Left Handed Door Handles?

Writing image © Vassilis rel=

Writing image © Vassilis

There is a special day in the calendar to raise awareness about left handed people and the issues that they face from day to day. International Left Handers Day is celebrated on 13th August each year and it was first celebrated in 1976.

Studies suggest that around 10% of the population are left handed and there are certain traits and conditions more commonly associated with left handed people.

Home and work environments are often designed for right handed people and it can be difficult to imagine the issues that left handed people face when using common items such as scissors, tin openers and rulers. Various furniture items are typically designed for right handed people such as office desks. If you imagine where items are typically placed such as drawers and a telephone then you can see how this can make things a little awkward.
So, do we sell left handed door handles at Doorsan? Well, this is a bit of a trick question and the answer is yes and no! You cannot buy door handles for left handed people. If you think about it, a door handle that is on the right on the outside will be on the left when you open it from the inside. Either way, the door handle will be on the right on one side and the left on the other. However we do talk about left and right handed fitting of doors which refers to which side the hinges are fixed, consequently the door will swing to the left if the hinges are on the left.

If you are purchasing door hardware and need to discuss the correct fitting of handles, locks or hinges then please give our sales office a call we will be very happy to answer your queries. You will find a good selection of accessories and hardware often relating to specific doors on our website.