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Sancerre Walnut Doors
Pre-finished Walnut Doors
Timber Tops, Dorset

Another exciting development taking pride of place amongst the ancient New Forest, Dorset, Timber Tops is two remarkable properties that take their cue from their woodland setting. One of two, five-bedroom family detached homes, both built using materials that celebrate the natural beauty of wood, this property, in particular, features Doorsan’s Sancerre pre-finished Walnut doors. In the spacious kitchen of this Timber Top home are walnut units that mirror the doors to a tee and the warmth of this coordinating kitchen is highlighted superbly with vertical grain lines and horizontal shelves.

Overall this property has a much darker feel to its Scandi-themed neighbor next door and it showcases a stylish mix of materials such as marble and brass finishes. Slate grey and split vein stone tiling in the bathrooms also manage to encompass a level of depth and warmth. Both properties, however, are just as stunning as each other, it is impossible to choose between.

Project Details

Client: Timber Tops, Dorset

Description: A development of two detached houses in Dorset, this project, in particular, features pre-finished Sancerre Walnut doors.

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