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Knightsbridge doors
Hand Painted Period 2 panel doors
Talbot Road London

This eclectic home is in Notting Hill, a cosmopolitan and multicultural neighbourhood and much like the vintage cafes that line Portobello Road, it’s certainly a property with a bohemian vibe. It’s also a fine example that not all doors have to be factory finished.

Instead, the owner paired white primed Knightsbridge doors with reclaimed ironmongery and then applied a paint colour of her choice. This meant that not only was she free to decide from a spectrum of her favourite shades, whilst painting the doors she could also paint the tall walls for the ultimate in glam beatnik.

Project Details

Client: Talbot Road London

Description: Gallery of trendy Hand Painted Period 2 panel Knightsbridge doors produced by Doorsan the luxury door-set producer

Finishes Used

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Art Deco stepped black vibes
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