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Ellington 1 Panel
Slate Black Doors
Ferndown Dorset

This detached family home is located in Ferndown, Dorset, on the edge of the beautiful New Forest. It’s also based just a stone's throw away from Bournemouth airport making family holidays a cinch. The project was lead by the homeowner herself, who has a keen eye for good-looking interiors. She, therefore, opted for Doorsan’s Ellington 1 Panel with double internal doors also featuring throughout parts of the property. The result of Christine’s work is a remarkable home that utilises plenty of mirrors and natural sunlight. This clever use of lighting also makes for a comfortable environment that, crucially, is still bright and airy.

There’s no doubt that this property has a homely feel with its farmhouse style dining table, plush carpets and flowers. Then there are the Glazed Double internal doors that lead from the hallway into both the music room and large family kitchen. Most of the internal walls are painted in neutral tones which offers a timeless versatility. Dark Ellington 1 Panel doors then counteract this in a slate black matt finish. The doors were installed in white painted frames with a traditional style of architrave and chrome door handles. It’s a monochrome look that’s simple yet stylish, the perfect base for a family home.

Project Details

Client: Ferndown Dorset

Description: Detached family home project featuring Ellington 1 Panel, double internal doors.

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