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Flush to the wall doors
Smooth White RAL9003 doors
Concealed Doors in Hidden Frames

This modern design concept features flush to the wall doors in Doorsan’s Smooth White RAL9003. It’s a style that’s heavily influenced by Scandanavian trends with a focus on shape and light. Here, modern flush doors are installed in a flush to the wall door system. The team are also able to supply separate door leaves, custom made to size and pre-finished ready to be installed in specialist kits as featured in this project.

A similar look can be achieved using a traditional door frame method with a shadow gap between the wall and door frame. Where budget is more of a consideration, Doorsan is also able to produce their standard pre-hung frame kits with square finished white architrave.

Doors are shown in this design concept as Smooth White RAL9003. Door handles are also stainless steel lever on square rose with matching lock escutcheons.

Project Details

Client: Concealed Doors in Hidden Frames

Description: A modern door design concept showing completely flush to the wall white internal RAL9003 doors.

Finishes Used

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