Choose Art With Your Heart

When it comes to choosing art for luxury interior design it really is all about you. What do you love and what do you absolutely hate? Try think with your heart and not so much your head. We spend a great deal of time crafting our homes around cohesive guidelines and rules. So when it comes to the walls really let yourself go - who knows what artistic statement you’ll make?

Familiarise Yourself With Artists…

If you like an artist’s work, get to know them more for a full understanding of the context. Many contemporary galleries now offer artist profiles online or there’s always Instagram for behind the scenes snaps.

…And Get to Know Who’s Up and Coming

Buying from young or up-and-coming artists is one way to stay one step ahead of the game. Find out what’s happening where you live and attend gallery events - you never know who you might meet.

Commission a Unique Piece

Investing in a commissioned piece is one great way to get exactly the right work for your space. When choosing an artist, make sure they have experience in commissions and don’t ask them to stray too far from their style. It might cost more but what you’ll get in return is one-of-a-kind wall art for your home. Also, state your expectations upfront to avoid disappointment and ensure it’s artwork you will love.

Make a Move or Miss Out

If you spot a piece you just can’t resist don’t ponder over it for too long. Art goes fast and you could lose out, leaving you feeling regretful and full of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Wall Art Room Ideas

Artwork can certainly help illustrate the personality of a space. Here are our top tips for displaying wall art in a home office, living room, bathroom and bedroom:

Home Office

Displaying art in a home office is one great way to keep you feeling motivated. In fact, studies have shown just viewing great work can decrease stress and increase productivity. So in our fast-paced world, organisations are looking to stimulate creative discussions through art. Opt for textile pieces, landscapes or abstract to brighten up bare, bland walls.


The bedroom is a place of rest so any artwork should be kept muted. Large scale pieces are also exquisite, especially when hung at eye level. Look out for abstract styles in soothing tones of grey, blue, teal or pink. Stretched canvases also work well to keep the focus on the piece and enhance its well-balanced beauty.

Living Room

Limited edition prints and unique compositions both make for a well-planned interior. The living room is a space your guests see the most so don’t be afraid to embellish it in statement pieces. Choose a combination of techniques in contrasting tones to complement a modern space. Coral, peach and taupe will all add warmth so you’re free to go more complex with black, blue and green.


The bathroom is one of the most overlooked spaces when it comes to hanging wall art but it can actually look great and enhance the whole vibe especially when hung in pairs. Choose abstract pieces that have a similar theme and place centrally over the bathtub. Also, opt for colours that tie in with the bathroom finishes such as marble-like veins of silver.

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