Welcoming Aromas

Without a doubt, fragrant florals give a homely welcoming vibe and given the season, some companies are happy to deck your halls with boughs of holly. A single vase of aromatic roses, however, will do just the job in a hallway. The trick is to go for soft and subtle to avoid overwhelming the senses.


Visual Delights

The importance of flowers in interior design is certainly not without significance. Visually making a statement as well as adding charm, they infuse a space with life, colour and also exuberance. To add a pop of pigment you could try orchids, roses or even hydrangeas. Additionally patterned plants are very much in favour according to trend bible Pinterest.


Flowers for Wellness in Interior Design

Did you know that as well as being aesthetically pleasing, flowers can impact our mood, health, and wellbeing? Which is why at Doorsan we love to see, beautiful blooms throughout our projects. According to recent studies, flowers also trigger happy emotions. They additionally heighten feelings of satisfaction and are shown to encourage positivity.


Seasonal Choice and Influence

From the tulips of spring to the snowdrops of winter, flowers offer plenty of seasonal choices. It’s also the time of year to make the most of rich winter foliage. When arranging your blooms, simplicity is best to create more depth and substance. By using peach and amber you’ll bring additional warmth to brighten the brisk of days.


Interior Design Inspiration

There’s no doubt that flowers play an integral role in exquisite interior design. They additionally offer a source of inspiration, especially when used in mood boards.

If you’re looking to create a blooming marvellous interior then stay tuned for our future blog posts. From tips for festive trimmings to technical door advice we can’t wait to meet you back here soon!...

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