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April 20th 2018

The rise of high-end security doors


According to the Office for National Statistics, police-recorded crime has risen by 10% across England and Wales this year and is the largest annual rise we have seen for a decade. With our desire to be safe higher than ever, homeowners are more vigilant and look to protect their property the best way they can. Visible burglar alarms, perimeter lighting and window stops are all great ways to protect your home and your family. High-end, security doors, however, are a more resolute solution and a welcome deterrence for chancers and prowlers.

When it comes to security doors, you’d be forgiven for imagining the likes of Fort Knox. These days, the aesthetics of a security door are just as important as increased home protection. Built to suit the most prestigious of homes, a high-security front door has all the strength of its construction to impede even the most adept of burglars.   

Famous security doors

One famous security door, in particular, is that of 10 Downing Street. Well-known for its Georgian design and jet black shade, the door has seen some of the world’s most powerful leaders pass over its threshold. Incredibly, it wasn’t until the Whitehall IRA attack of 1991 that the door was optimised for maximum security. Originally made from solid oak, this notable door is now constructed from hardy bomb-proof metal.

Security doors by Doorsan

A feeling of safety is the fundamental right of every human being and our security doors are at the pinnacle of home protection and good, honest design. Our range of security doors are armoured with unique steel-technology structures, have passed the most stringent of tests and are an attractive solution for increasing the security of your home. For optimal peace of mind without compromising on style, safeguard your home with a high-end security door by Doorsan.




Written and published by, Hannah King