They were also used in attractive country manors where the harmony of a room could be jeopardised with the use of an additional doorway. Made to look like they are a part of a room's features, hidden doors have once again risen in popularity in modern interior design. They are great for inner-city living and a practical design tool, have many advantageous uses such as a reassuring safe room. In fact, the Queen is said to have her very own jib door at Buckingham Palace to gain access to official rooms from her own private quarters. Hidden doors are also handy for disguising an overloaded storage facility or even an adjoining room and for a more rural lifestyle, jib doors are pragmatic for concealing a gun room.

When it comes to a deceptively hidden door, the devil is in the detail. Anything that gives the eye something to focus on will obviously detract attention away from the edge of the door, therefore successfully hiding it. One favoured disguise is a bookshelf come faux library wallpaper. Alternatively, a modern twist on the traditional jib door is a marble effect that continues across both the door and the walls, adding a touch of Scandinavian luxe.

It’s always nice to be able to wow your guests and so a hidden door will no doubt be a thrill to exhibit in your homes interior design. If you need a bit of inspiration, however, in designing your own concealed door, look no further than the innovative design team of luxury door manufacturer, Doorsan. With a passion for high-end architecture combined with bespoke, ingenious design, we would love to unveil to you your secret hidden door.

Written and published by, Hannah King

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