Research has also shown that as human beings, a high ceiling is something we are psychologically drawn to. They provide a sense of freedom that lower ceilings do not and it has been found that they prompt a more positive, forward-way of thinking. In the property market, a high ceiling is actually one of the first things an agent will point out to a potential buyer.


Ceiling height doors in interior design

So instead of getting the workmen in to raise your ceilings, consider full-height doors that will open up the interior of your home and emphasise the space around them. As a feature, they are ambitious, show-stopping and they take the aesthetics of a room to another level. They’re also something a bit different from the norm and will be a great talking point for when you have guests around. Not only that but floor to ceiling doors are a really clever way of introducing a spot of grandeur into even the humblest of residences. The overall look is flawless, free-flowing and palatial. Alternatively, sliding full-height doors also make clever, space-saving room dividers.

Doorsan’s range of bespoke interior doors and pre-hung door sets means that you can have your ceiling height doors produced in any width, any wood species and in any finish or RAL colour of your choice. Our black oil finish is ever growing in popularity and when applied to ceiling height doors along with satin-finish brass handles, your home will ooze sophistication. For lovers of modern minimalism, our white oiled finish will help to promote beautiful clean lines and a crisp immaculate interior.


Whatever your taste, if you’re in need of some style inspiration then look no further than the experienced team at Doorsan. Our passion is for bespoke crafted interior doors and we would love to assist you with your residential interiors project. Take your timber doors to new dizzying heights! Just click here to have a chat with a member of our knowledgeable team.


Written and published by, Hannah King

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