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July 14th 2017

Black Oiled Doors and How to Keep them Black.


What Can You Do to Keep your Black Oiled Doors, Black?

Taking a step back to watch the joiner put the finishing touches to your new oak, black oiled doors, you admire them in all their luxurious deep matt black glory. ”Beautiful” you think.

But wait, what’s that – a scuff mark? Licking your thumb and giving it a wipe you breathe a sigh of relief to find it’s only a dirty finger print.

Which leads me on to a glaringly obvious but easily overlooked point. Black doors show up dirt quicker and more often than a neutral colour or natural finish ever would.

And if like me you dream of clean and organised home living, you’ll want to find a quick and easy solution to keep your beautiful new black oiled doors pristine, without it becoming a chore.


doorsan black oiled door


Without further ado, here are my 5 top tips to indulge your inner clean queen and banish unsightly door smudges for good:

1. Always keep a bottle of Rubio Monocoat Satin Cleaner to hand, water is not a friend of wood and even though your new oiled doors have a cured finish, it is best to follow the instructions from a trusted manufacturer like Rubio.

2. To prevent any grubby hand marks from building up, ask your children, your spouse, your guests and your pets to make sure they always use the door handles when opening and closing the doors. Because after all, it’s what they’re there for.

3. Funnily enough, shoes can also leave scuff marks along the very bottom of doors. By asking everyone to leave their outdoor footwear at the front door, this problem is eliminated.

4. One word. Makeup. I know from experience when dashing around the house whilst trying to apply a full face of foundation, your hands are grubby and thus so are your doors. Keep your favourite fragrance of hand wash nearby as a reminder to always keep your mitts clean. You have black oiled doors now, you can’t be getting tardy with this sort of thing.

5. Marks and smears aren’t the only eyesores when it comes to door upkeep. Dust tends to build up and settle in the recesses and grooves quite easily. Combat this by investing in a pack of handy little magic cloths (microfiber cloths). Starting from the top of the door, work your way down to the bottom in a gentle spiral formation, paying extra care and attention to all the nooks and crannies (small lady fingers wrapped in a magic cloth also works quite well for this part).


black oiled door ellington


So, Adiós finger marks. I hope you have enjoyed my section on keeping your oiled doors as black and mark free as the day they came into your lovely home.

Sadly I don’t outsource my cleaning services (that’s strictly for my house only) but if you did want a chat at the office some time, I am more than happy to talk doors, wipes and recommended polishes all day long with you.


Written and published by Hannah King AKA The Kim Woodburn of Doorsan.